What does Write and Show cost?
The entire 
Write and Show 
online authoring system 
costs only
$99 for a one year subscription. Click the Enroll tab above to learn how to get started.
What you get:
  • Access to write and edit your book online. Write from any computer anywhere (Windows or Mac or Linux, doesn't matter). This isn't just a way to display your book, but it is a beautiful on-line creation interface which lets you compose (ever so easily) and then see your work instantly.
  • Live instantanous display of your book, readable by anyone, anywhere, from any computer with any operating system and any browser.
  • Unlimited chapters and up to 1200 pages (hard to comprehend, but true). WriteandShow presents your book with the power and capacity of a major website.
  • Easy-to-understand training guides. Unprecedented level of technical support. You get your own private online support forum with same day response to any question.
  • What you get is actually an unbelievable value. For less than $9 per month, you get massive capacity, similar what a huge internet business requires. But, this kind of power (and resources) are what is truly needed to properly display a full book on line.

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